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Using a Dealership Worksheet
1:52pm - 11/Dec/2014

Using a Worksheet to Close

By Darin George


When I worked on the dealership sales floor, one of my goals was getting as many potential customers to paper as possible. I know that many dealers are using the computerized screen worksheet that is provided by your CRM providers but maybe you should revisit the most effective way to close more deals. It's called a good old fashion 8.5"x11" paper worksheet. Using a well thought out worksheet is one of the best closing techniques your salespeople will ever use..

            The worksheet is extremely important in finalizing the customer’s commitment to purchase the vehicle, re-confirming the vehicle options, owners name, mileage, pricing and if they are buying a car now.

            Most customers know what a worksheet is and can be apprehensive about it, so slowly lead them through it step by step. Do not try to rush through the process, the customer will only feel pressured. Its a big purchase and people love the extra attention you will put into helping them.

          There is a strategy on how to fill out a worksheet. Use it as part of your sales process.  If they have a trade in, fill it out first; ask for the keys, ownership, exact miles etc... Then start your dealership worksheet.


Six Steps to Using a Customized Worksheet to Close


Step One

          Fill in the vehicle information on the worksheet first.

Tell the Customer: “Mr. & Mrs. Customer, I am going to pull out a worksheet and fill out the information on the vehicle that you want, OK!”


Step Two

          Fill in the equipment list; it builds value in the vehicle. Do not write down short forms. Put as much information regarding the vehicle as you can on the list; in detail. While you are filling in the worksheet talk out loud about everything you are writing down. This will get them involved with the worksheet process.


Step Three

          Always write down the asking price (MSRP) in the space provided. Do not put the sale or discounted price. If you do, they will want to start to negotiate from that price. If the customer says that they are not paying the asking price, just tell them not to worry, you are going to see what you can do about the price. Do not negotiate at this point, complete the worksheet.


Step Four

          Fill in the information on your stock number, customer’s telephone numbers, address, driver’s license, how they heard of the dealership, etc. You now have to ask them whose name the vehicle will be registered in. This is great in establishing mental ownership and closing.

Ask them: “Mr. & Mrs. Customer, whose name would the vehicle be registered under, providing everything works out?” (Fill in that person’s name or company name)


Step Five

Ask them:  “And providing everything works, out when would you like to get the vehicle?”

          If they say next week do not put that date down, because if we end up with a deal they will want the vehicle ASAP. No matter what date or time they say, always ask them if ASAP would be OK with them. Remember that the F&I manager sets up the exact delivery date and time.


Step Six

Write the following personalized note on your dealership worksheet or have it added to your existing worksheets. Read it to them but do not ask them to initial it yet. You do not need a signature on the worksheet until the final agreed upon numbers have been achieved.


“Mr. & Mrs. Customer will get the 2015 ( said X vehicle ) Today Now, only IF the Price / Payments or Difference figures are agreeable with them and the dealership.” 

                                                     ________ (Customer Initials Only Please)



          Asking your customer for their initials is like a good old fashioned hand shake or like 100 years ago when a person would say, "I give you my word". The initials are as good as it can get for a firm commitment to purchase now.

There are flags over the heads of every customer. By doing Step Six you will be able to find out what one they are waving. RED FLAG - Stop now….you have a hidden customer issue. YELLOW FLAG - Slow down and re-clarify everything with the customer. GREEN FLAG - Go forward and sell the vehicle now.

          Do not ask the customer to initial your note until you have turned the worksheet around to the customer and reviewed everything on it. Then the very last thing you will do is ask them to initial your personalized note. This personalized note should be repeated until your customer fully understands it.

The note states that  “Only IF “  everything is agreeable with the customer and the dealership. If they will not initial it, there could and probably is something you have over looked. Re-clarify everything with them. Once your note has been initialed, start your negotiations.

You do not need a signature on the worksheet until the final numbers have been agreed upon. After every worksheet has been done, a proper and complete bill of sale will be completed.. Remember, its only a worksheet and its yours.


If you would like one of my ASC worksheets, email me at    


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